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General information

Dear customers,

On our websites you find our descriptions of and best possible information about the properties/accommodations we arrange holiday rental for. Nevertheless, please also read the following "general information" carefully. It is valid for all the offers and to be considered as additional information regarding the property and place descriptions. It is meant to inform you about what both our services and the services of the owners of the holiday apartments, holiday homes, country estates and hotels include. Please note explicitly that our "general information" is valid for all the accommodations and destinations we arrange for and you may only expect what is described and stated in the paragraphs below. Service is performed on the basis of this information, which we as a reputable agency consider to be essential. This is also meant to avoid misunderstandings and spare you any disappointments.

Age of the property/accommodation

What you are sure to understand is: There cannot be only new holiday accommodations. Should we not have stated a specific year of construction, you cannot assume the accommodation to be new. Please mind the difference between year of construction and year of (partial) renovation. With older accommodations, especially older villas, you have to count on furnishing, fitments, fixtures etc. typical for the time of construction (e.g. older terrazzo floors, older blinds and windows, stiff doors and door locks, older bathroom fittings etc.). Time has not passed without leaving signs of normal wear and tear on such properties. More often than not that is exactly what makes for their special charm. Older properties sometimes have a specific smell, which some might called "musty", which, however, is not a sign of lack of hygiene and/or cleanliness. Older houses, in particular when near the sea and in rainy or foggy weather, may sometimes be damp. You have to keep this local phenomenon in mind!


Please do in no case let the price or the given standard (e.g. "villa" or "modern" or "high-quality") lead you to expect very specific furnishing. Given and available is what we explicitly promise and list. Sometimes it may be more than that, but often it is just that and not more. Functionality and standard of the furnishing may be plain, even if the property/accommodation is high-quality. A luxury accommodation too might disappoint you if you expect luxury houshold appliances etc. Lawn and/or terrace furniture in particular might differ from what is described or shown, if the owner has replaced it due to heavy wear and tear. See also the paragraph "Lawn furniture".

Construction sites

Construction sites are annoying, the more so on vacation trips. Should we know about a construction site at the time the description is written and put online, we will of course mention it in the property description. Should we get to know about such sites later on, we will inform you when we receive your booking or in the confirmation of booking (depending on when we get to know about the sites). Should a construction site which is suddenly put up or brought to our attention at very short notice turn into an actual nuisance, we always try to find an acceptable solution for you, e.g. with an alternative, adequate offer or even a possible free-of-charge cancelation of the contract. If construction sites are a problem for you, do inquire with us prior to your booking. In all the areas in which we arrange for holiday accommodation construction work might be going on, which means that you have to count on construction sites being put up, even at short notice; in most cases, however, these sites do not cause significant nuisance. Please also note the information on "Public works".


Soft or hard, too long or too short, too narrow or too wide. There may always be a problem in this respect. Please always count on typically local furnishing, which you also have to count on being unaccustomed to and sometimes being 'problematic'. Beds at holiday accommodations are in general not made to suit oversize, overweight or physical impairment due to illness or other causes.


... might at times become a problem. If the owner of an accommodation lives on the premises, shares facilities or occasionally enters the premises, we mention that. Yet sometimes changes come about due to spontaneous decisions. In general, no harm is meant by these activities, they are based on a different understanding of neighborhood and/or hospitality or on the owner's concern for her/his property: Not every guest behaves as correctly as you are sure to do. Should you tend to feel disturbed easily, we recommend specific consultation about suitable objects.

Shopping facilities

We state those shopping facilities which are known to us when putting the property/accommodation online. Distances are estimated and to be considered "about" distances; they can of course vary for different stores which offer the same or similar goods. Change of opening hours and range of products can occur at any time. Stores may also be completely closed. Unfortunately permanent checking and updating in this field is not possible after the description has been written. We will, however, upon your request, inquire onsite and pass on to you the information we receive.


The distances indicated are always to be considered "about" distances. They do not always refer to the 'most comfortable' route and cannot take into account changes such as detours, closures or barriers, which occur for example at short notice or due to weather conditions.


... might be a 'problem' you have to count on when living/vacationing at/near sandy beaches; even if people are careful not to carry it into the house, it might be carried there by the wind, for example. As some of the fine sand may resist even thorough and the best cleaning, you may come across that "grinding" sound of shoe on sand somewhere in the house, even in the bathrooms or bedrooms. One might say that is the price both locals and vacationers have to pay for sandy beaches.

Lawn furniture

... is exposed to strong wear and tear by use and weather conditions. It can therefore hardly ever be considered brand-new. In particular near/by the sea rust stains, for example, are unavoidable. Functionality and comfort hardly ever measure up to German standards.

Smell nuisance

Odors/strange smells, which neither we nor the owners of the holiday accommodations have got any influence on, can arise suddenly, anytime and anywhere; one might know this to occur at one's own home. In certain weather conditions, not quite pleasant odors might emanate from the drain at your home bathroom, too. In southern countries, sanitary and sewage standards are different and such problems occur more frequently; they are not a sign of insufficient cleaning, draining or wastewater disposal. With a bit of good will and good airing they can in general be done away with. Please also see "Age of the property/accommodation".

Size of the property/accommodation

Whenever the size of the properties/accommodations is stated, it is done to the best of our knowledge. Should you expect German or local DIN standards, you will be disappointed: That kind of specification cannot be provided! We neither can nor want to "burden" the rental prices for the holiday properties/accommodations with costs arising from measurements. Our information in this respect is to be considered "about" information; sizes of property, pool, garden etc. are in general estimated and not measured. We indicate areas and spaces inside and outside which are really usable. This is significant especially with regard to planted and sloped properties!


As far as the properties/accommodations we arrange rental for are equipped with heating, it is explicitly mentioned in the description. If no such information is given, heating can in no case be expected to be available or functioning - not even at high-quality properties/accommodations.

Please note also that the owners – especially in Southern Italy – are bound by law to specific heating periods and heating times. In Southern Italy you are allowed to turn on the heating for only a few hours per day in winter. Thermal insulation of the holiday accommodations does in general not correspond to Central European standards. Italy has to rely heavily on energy imports; in rural areas there is usually no central gas supply system. Costs for heating are therefore much higher than in Germany, for example. What the owners charge for the use of heating is only the amount they have to pay.


In southern countries insects may always turn up, which has to be counted on also at the destinations included in our offer. This goes especially for ground-level properties/accommodations and is no sign of lacking cleanliness.


Furnishing of the kitchens at the properties/accommodations is functional and includes what is commonly found onsite. Extraordinary or very comfortable furnishing can be expected, irrespective of the rental price, only where this has been explicitly mentioned in the description. Fittings, equipment etc. (e.g. dish washer, microwave, German-type coffee machine) not explicitly listed in the description will not be available.

Visitor’s/Tourist tax  

Several Italian comunes and municipalities, above all on the Amalfi Coast and the island of Sicily, charge a so-called visitor’s/tourist tax, which has to be paid onsite by the visitor/tourist. The tax and the regulations might vary from town to town; in general, however, the tax amounts to between € 1 - € 2,50 per person per day from April through October. Children are, in most cases, charged a reduced rate or even free of charge.


Perception of noise is a subjective matter; some people are more sensitive to noise than others. Our statements are based on what we consider the average perception of "townspeople". A quiet location can in general be expected only where this is explicitly stated in the description of the property/accommodation. The statement applies to normal conditions and does not include extraordinary circumstances (e.g. noisy fellow vacationers or neighbors, traffic detours, unusual wind and weather conditions). As traffic on public roads varies, traffic noise may sometimes be more, sometimes less perceived. Properties/accommodations on/along/near public roads can therefore never be completely quiet. Just like you, other guests as well as residents need to arrive and depart and they may do so at times you are not accustomed to and without the consideration you are sure to show.

Please note that during the Italian summer months of July and August the large number of vacationers especially on the coast provide for far more "background noise".


"The very meekest cannot rest in quiet, unless it suits with his ill neighbour’s humour!" (F. Schiller, Wilhelm Tell). Of course we watch out that the neighborhood of the holiday properties/accommodations we arrange for is a pleasant one. We have, however, got no influence on either good or bad manners of neighbors or their activities such as barbecues, making music, noise developemnt etc. Unfortunately this is sometimes cause for annoyance, which you have to try to deal with yourself in a friendly and diplomatic way.

Public works

During your holidays you are no less beyong being faced with public works and the possible noise, dust, detours etc. involved than you are at home. They may also occur in the holiday regions included in our offer. We have no influence whatsoever and cannot put them to a halt. Should such circumstances become known to us at the time of your booking or prior to your arrival, we will of course let you know.

Public transportation

Concerning public transportation we can only render the conditions valid at the time of writing down the description. Changes, deficiencies and cancelations always have to be counted on.

Local standards, habits, customs and traditions

We value our guests as being flexible and open-minded. They therefore know that hardly anything can be the way it is at home. This applies to all standards such as construction standards, staircases, windows, door locks, handrails, sanitary and electric installations, telecommunications (amongst others internet), size and measurements. Internet connection, for example, might be unstable or sometimes break down. What in some places - particularly in Calabria - is considered "cleanliness" might often not correspond with your idea of cleanliness. Life in summer takes places in general outdoors and until late into the evening - which those who love Italy know and appreciate.


An outdoor pool will never be entirely clean or clear. Enough or too much chlorine/recirculation - keeping the balance is difficult and is not always successful. Your skin should not be hypersensitive, you should not ask for hygiene standards like those at public pools at home (which often are more problematic). Sand, insects and a slight "film formation" are what you have to count on. We cannot guarantee regular control, unless it is stated in the property description. A heated pool is very much an exception and only available if so indicated. The pool opening times and hours given in our descriptions can vary due to good and/or bad weather.


Nobody can guarantee protection from burglary and theft, neither can we. Locks and bolts which meet "DIN standards" or correspond to our notions of security locks will in general not be found. Local standards in this respect often do not measure up to what vacationers expect. This does not mean, though, that you have to count on and be afraid of break-in and theft.

Beach, beach facilities, water quality

Water quality in the countries on the Mediterranean Sea unfortunately varies very much. Water contamination by tar, seaweed etc. is always possible. It is unfortunate, but still common practice in many countries to discharge wastewater into the sea. Our statements on beach quality and our description of the beaches are based on what we have seen and experienced onsite. Wind and waves can bring about changes at any time. Sand may be washed away, waste and seaweed may be washed onto the beach by a heavy storm, a former sandy beach may turn into a pebbly beach. Most beaches are public beaches, which are in general not regularly cleaned and which local like to frequent as well. Nevertheless the Cilento coast is considered exceptionally clean – it has been commended quite often for its high water quality. 

Please note that during the Italian summer months of July and August there may be a big run on the coasts and beaches due to the large numbers of vacationers.

Power and water failures

Even during your holidays you cannot rely on everything being 100%: Capacity overload of the power supply might result in power failures at the holiday accommodations we arrange for and in midsummer a temporary failure of the water pumps might be possible, both of which however occur very rarely.

Early and late season

Sometimes people are not sure about what is meant by early and late seasons. As they may differ from holiday destination to holiday destination, we will be glad to provide more information. During these low seasons we can, in most cases, offer you very favorable rental prices. However, you also have to put up with certain limitations, such as local tourist and other facilities, restaurants and stores being closed at short notice or even completely. Low season is the time you have to count on increased private and public construction works.