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Sustainability in tourism

forum anders reisen

From the start, the development of a sustainable and gentle form of tourism in Southern Italy as well as the demands of nature and the local people have been two of our main concerns. For this reason, we are a member of the German forum anders reisen.

“forum anders reisen e.V.“ is an association of about 150 travel agents who have committed themselves to a sustainable form of tourism. Its name stands for traveling experiences based on the interests of the people and the demands of nature.  Resources are used diligently and systematically onsite, foreign cultures are met with respect. Together we accept responsibility for the economic and social development here and in the host countries.

We fulfil the list of strict criteria for environmentally and socially responsible traveling and, together with other small travel agencies, we hope to improve the political conditions for this kind of tourism.

List of criteria

The members of “forum anders reisen” are obliged to comply with a comprehensive list of criteria for environmentally and socially responsible traveling. That is where sustainable travel offer is defined. The list of criteria comprehends the economic, ecologic and social dimensions of traveling as well as the responsibility towards the vacationers.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in tourism

All the members of “forum anders reisen” are committed to a standard and obliging CSR process.