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CSR - Taking on responsibility

CSR means “Corporate Social Responsibility”.

In the context of this certification, the environmental and social responsibility within an enterprise is checked, taking into due consideration the interests of all the parties involved – the customers, the employees and the owners in Southern Italy. Cilentano is one of the first agencies in the domain of tourism which has been certified. In this way, we wish to emphasize our acceptance of social and ecological responsibility and do our share - and even more than required by legal regulations - concerning a sustainable development.

Here are some examples of questions we deliberate on:

What remains within the country after the travel season is over? Do tourism enterprises pay their local employees enough to support their families? Do hotels dispose of their waste in an environmentally compatible way? When planning a holiday, do we consider natural resources, e.g. with regard to water or energy supply? Are the food products used at the typically local restaurant really produced/grown in its home country? How much CO² is produced by the journey per traveler? These and many other questions show that we really take on responsibility in the way we operate. 

Sustainability report 2018 (in German) (PDF)